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Corporate Governance

Verint believes that enduring business success is inextricably linked to good corporate citizenship. We are committed to conducting all aspects of our business ethically, consistent with our core values — integrity, transparency, humility, passion and innovation — and in compliance with our Code of Conduct and applicable law. View Verint’s corporate governance policies.

We take a “set the tone at the top” approach to the importance of ethics.

We understand that ethical conduct is critical to our ability to create value for our stakeholders and that a company is only as ethical as its employees. We believe that the most important and effective way to communicate the importance of ethics and compliance to our employees is to set an effective “tone at the top” through our Board and Senior Management. We accomplish this by:

  • Communicating about ethics and compliance issues frequently, seriously and openly
  • The ethical behaviour of Verint's management team, as well as their open and responsive approach to concerns that are raised by others
  • An effective governance and compliance infrastructure for our company

We articulate our ethical standards in the Verint Code of Conduct.

The Verint Code of Conduct guides our employees on ethical and legal behaviour by clearly articulating Verint’s values both internally and externally, providing comprehensive guidance on important ethics and compliance issues, and giving employees a framework for making good decisions and communicating concerns. We provide online training in many languages to Verint employees worldwide.

We strive to achieve more complete compliance through training and guidance.

We require our employees to undergo training in a variety of matters pertinent to our business, including the Code of Conduct, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Insider Trading, among others. In addition, our Chief Compliance Officer co-ordinates a Compliance Steering Committee comprising all back-office functions and representatives of the business for the purpose of approving policies, co-ordinating compliance initiatives, and discussing risk assessment and mitigation.

We keep our Board of Directors informed of all compliance objectives several times per year. The Board is actively involved in setting compliance priorities, overseeing progress, and evaluating the Company's risk assessment and mitigation activities .

Our governance infrastructure creates value for our shareholders.

Verint’s Governance Committee regularly reviews the governance practices of our Board of Directors, and arranges for regular Board education on fiduciary duty and corporate governance matters.

Our Compensation Committee has established a compensation philosophy designed to incentivise our corporate officers to achieve our operational and strategic goals, aligning the interest of our officers with those of our shareholders. This committee has ensured that a significant portion of the compensation of Verint's corporate officers - both cash and equity - is "at risk" based on achievement of business objectives and targets.

Read about Verint Corporate Governance Policies.

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