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Do you have an omni-channel engagement strategy? Answer these 5 questions to find out.

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Help Customers Complete Transactions Effectively and Efficiently

While self-service usage is on the rise, customers are not always able to complete tasks online. When they get stuck, many customers reach for the phone or give up entirely. Customer satisfaction and revenue drop, and potential customers are lost. To bridge this gap, customers need a way to get help completing online transactions in real time.

With Verint Advanced Co-Browse, organisations can enable employees to view the customer's current web browser display from their computer or mobile device. From there, the employee can offer guidance to resolve issues or complete transactions. The solution can mask sensitive data, such as credit card information, from the employee's view, as well as restrict employees from submitting forms on websites, helping ensure customer control of the purchase process.

Verint Advanced Co-browse can be used in conjunction with Verint Live Chat to communicate with the customer while co-browsing.

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Verint Advanced Co-browse is available as part of Verint Engagement Management, a comprehensive solution for managing interactions in multiple channels with a unified desktop, underpinned by knowledge management, case management, and productivity-improving integration with related systems and data.

Read about how the Aberdeen Group found that an organisation was able to save $280,000 per year.

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