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Verint Voice of the Customer solutions enable you to analyse and act on customer feedback across channels to identify and respond to trends, opportunities and issues, enhance experiences and optimise engagement.

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Verint Customer Analytics

Voice of the Customer

Listen, analyse, and act on the voice of the customer across all channels

Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions have become a strategic imperative for measuring and improving customers’ experiences, satisfaction and loyalty. It’s fundamental to any customer engagement strategy. In many organisations, a variety of functional areas—from the contact centre to customer experience, marketing and other departments—are interested in what customers share within and across interaction channels.

Verint offers a complete portfolio for listening, analysing, and acting on the VoC across digital, voice, text and social channels. We take a holistic approach that spans from recording and analysing customer interactions (“active listening”), to soliciting and analysing customer feedback (“proactive feedback”) across channels. Our solutions help amplify the voice of the customer, while creating shared intelligence that your organisation can leverage to achieve business objectives across the enterprise. So organisations can quickly take action, as well as execute a co-ordinated customer engagement strategy across the enterprise.

Verint Voice of the Customer solutions include:

Interaction Analytics—for proactively identifying trends, themes and the root causes driving customer behaviour. Our Speech Analytics, Text Analytics, and Social Analytics solutions can automatically categorise, identify trends, and perform root cause analysis on voice and text-based communications, including call recordings, survey verbatims, social media posts, email and customer service chat sessions, according to your unique objectives and challenges.

Enterprise Feedback Management—for obtaining a complete, enterprise view into the perceptions, opinions and intentions of customers and employees through company-initiated surveys delivered via mobile, email, web, IVR and SMS channels.

Digital Feedback Management—for measuring and analysing digital transactional interactions on web and mobile devices. These solutions from OpinionLab, A Verint Company, deliver customer-initiated feedback that can be analysed and acted on in real time, during key moments in the digital customer journey.

Verint Voice of the Customer solutions work in tandem with Verint Workforce Optimisation, including Recording, Quality Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, Enterprise Workforce Management and Performance Management. They can be licensed as a whole or by individual product, and deployed in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid model, with flexible purchase methods to suit your business needs.

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Dynamic Media and Digital Business Leader

Dynamic Media and Digital Business Leader

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Enterprise Feedback Management

Enterprise Feedback Management

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