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Learn how Verint Text Analytics can provide you with valuable insight on customers.

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Interaction Analytics

Identify Trends and Root Causes of Customer Behaviour

What are customers telling you? What drives their behaviour—and which behaviours are impacting your business right now? These questions have never been easy to answer, but today, they’re especially difficult, given the number of channels that customers use to communicate.

With Verint Interaction Analytics, you can proactively identify trends, themes, and the root causes driving customer behaviour. Our solutions can automatically categorise, identify trends, and perform root-cause analysis on voice and text-based communicationsincluding call recordings, survey verbatims, social media posts, email and customer service chat sessionsin line with your organisation’s unique objectives and challenges. Armed with this insight, you can take specific actions to help improve performance, optimise processes, and enhance customer experiences

Verint Interaction Analytics solutions include:

These proven, powerful solutions can help you listen, analyse, and act on the voice of the customer.

Learn how Verint Speech Analytics can help you unlock insights
from customer calls.

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Verint Speech Analytics

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