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Discover how Verint Text Analytics can help you uncover actionable intelligence from text-based customer engagement channels.

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Verint Text Analytics

Text Analytics

Use multi-channel analytics to better understand your multi-channel customers

Your customers are now multi-channel, and as a result your customer and employee analytics must also be multi-channel. While voice remains a critical channel, customers are increasingly choosing to engage with organisations via a variety of text-based channels such as email, web chat and social media.

Use multi-channel analytics to better understand your multi-channel customers

Text Analytics - Analyse Interactions

Verint Text Analytics can help your organisation uncover actionable insights from text-based customer engagement, such as email, web chat, social media, surveys, and customer forums. Deployed in addition to Verint Speech Analytics, it ensures organisations are able to analyse, report, and take action on every spoken and text interaction with an organisation, not just voice.

With Verint Text Analytics, you can gain deeper insight into customer interactions across text-based, digital engagement channels, including:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • Social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Call centre notes
  • Survey comments

By deploying the solution in combination with Verint Speech Analytics, you can capture the complete voice of the customer—and employee—across multiple customer engagement channels, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and then act to drive enhanced customer experiences, loyalty and revenue.

Deploying Text Analytics and Speech Analytics

Learn how Verint Text Analytics can quickly analyse text based channels such as chat, email and social media to provide you with valuable customer insight.

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