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Communications Intelligence

Communications Intelligence Solutions

A Leader in Communications Intelligence Solutions

Law enforcement, national security, and intelligence agencies worldwide are responsible for investigations related to criminal activities, national security, terrorist networks, drug trafficking, financial crimes, and other illegal activities. Such investigations require highly complex methods and often involve collecting and analyzing information from multiple sources, including communications networks.

Further, in many countries, communications service providers are mandated by government regulation to satisfy certain technical requirements for delivering communication content and data to law enforcement and government authorities.

We believe that the increasing sophistication of communications networks and the vast amount of communications and data are creating an increased demand for Actionable Intelligence solutions.

Verint Communications Intelligence solutions are helping to make the world a safe place. See how in this video.

Network Intelligence

Enables law enforcement, national security and intelligence agencies to generate Actionable Intelligence from network traffic to rapidly uncover critical information for investigating and pro-actively addressing criminal, national security and terrorist threats. Can be configured to address a wide range of communications networks and can scale to address large traffic volumes.

Tactical Intelligence

Enables law enforcement, correction facilities, and government agencies to enhance field operations of tactical units with real-time Actionable Intelligence. Helps neutralize criminal,terrorist, and other threats by assisting tactical operation units to better focus on suspects and suspicious behavior, and deploy field resources more effectively.

Web, Cloud and Open Source Intelligence

Enables investigative units of government and commercial organizations to leverage web, cloud, and open source data in order to identify insights and help accelerate investigations of fraud, criminal activities, terror, and national security threats. Helps transform large volumes of content into structured data and relevant information, identify suspicious behavioral patterns, identify location of suspects while using the web or mobile networks, and generates supporting evidence.

Communications Service Provider Compliance

Helps communications service providers comply with ETSI, CALEA and other lawful interception regulations and standards. Supports many different network types and provides a high degree of automation of the lawful interception compliance processes with complete audit trails and low administrative overhead, and without disrupting service.

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